Event Manager

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Purpose of the Position

The purpose of this role is to ensure the effective planning, coordination and execution of events hosted by Healing Paws Rescue or those organized by a third party with Healing Paws Rescue volunteers present. Examples of such events include adoption events, fundraising, off-site events and other public appearances.
Responsibilities & Duties
  • Obtaining quotes and securing bookings for all vendors, entertainment, venues, and other parties relevant to events hosted by Healing Paws Rescue

  • Completing and submitting any relevant applications, paperwork or documentation required for events hosted by Healing Paws Rescue

  •  Ensure adequate volunteers are present at events.

  •  Acting as a point of contact for vendors, entertainers, venue staff and other relevant parties for events involving Healing Paws Rescue.

  •  Liaising with the Marketing Manager to plan for future events.

  •  Providing a post-event analysis including, but not limited to, funds raised, attendance, feedback from attendees and areas for improvement or change for future events.

Organizing the timing and layout of events

Working with the Marketing Manager to ensure maximum community engagement and the consistency of Healing Paws Rescue message through event.

Key Selection Criteria

  •  Proven organizational skills, preferably including experience in planning events.

  •  Excellent written and verbal communication skills including the ability to negotiate with multiple stakeholders.

  •  Sound computer skills to be able to liaise with vendors and Healing Paws Rescue members via email and maintain any databases via Dropbox or Google Docs to assist in the organization of the event.

  •  A passion for animal welfare and in particular Healing Paws Rescue work in re-homing dogs.