Foster Coordinator

Foster Coordinator

Coordinator Summary: The Volunteer Foster Coordinator Position oversees the Healing Paws foster families.

Specific responsibilities include: Provides support for Healing Paws Rescue volunteer foster families. This position is under the direction and supervision of the Healing Paws Rescue Executive Director.

  • Develop a foster packet for new foster families.

  • Keep all foster materials up to date, and provide appropriate orientation materials, manuals, and handouts to all foster families.

  • Provide individualized training, including techniques to help an animal transition from the shelter to a foster home.

  • Enter new foster contacts into the Pawlytics system.

  • Maintain contact with foster families on a regular basis: -Promptly respond to phone calls, emails, and texts from foster families.

  • Take a proactive role in providing on-going education and input to foster families.

  • Make sure fosters are adequately supplied with equipment and food.

  • Assist foster families in creating foster animal profiles and photos and send them to the marketing manager.

  • Train experienced fosters to become mentors, who are available to assist new fosters, as needed.

  • Track and order supplies as needed for mentors.

  • Manage supply inventory with Healing Paws Rescue Inventory Specialist.


I have read this document and agree to undertake the duties and responsibilities as described. I also understand that this volunteer duty statement is only indicative and that I may be required to undertake additional duties and responsibilities from time to time that are not detailed herein but will be aligned or within my skill set. 


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