Vetting Manager

Role Purpose

Vetting Manager

The Vetting Manager is responsible for planning and managing all vetting needs, acting as a decision-maker for any vet care needed.  Building relationships with veterinary clinics in the Duluth area and Twin Cities. The Vetting Manager will be the first line of contact for fosters to contact with vetting needs and questions.

Key Accountabilities

• Plan, manage and monitor vetting activities, managing the HPR vetting spreadsheet to make sure Vetting Technicians have updated administered vaccine information added.  Administered vaccines should be uploaded with in 48 hours. 

• Develop a google calendar to add any scheduled appointments for dogs. 

• Schedule follow-up appointments.

• Oversee Spay/Neuter supervisor.  Make sure all dogs are scheduled for appointments.

• Lead, motivate, develop, and engage vetting staff.  Set up training on procedures required from accurate records, vaccines administered and vetting practices.

• Be the main contact for veterinary clinics and hospitals regarding dogs and payment.

• Do weekly check ins with the vetting team members to have a plan for dogs who are due for appointments.

• Send any vetting records to clinics prior to vet appointments.

• Update any vetting clinics we use in Pawlytics with all contact information under vendors.

• Oversee inventory needs and make sure Vetting Technicians have supplies.  Order vaccines and microchips when needed.

• Provide advice and guidance to vetting technicians in both Duluth and Twin Cities. Set up monthly meetings with the vetting team to address current dog situations, vetting needs, and supply needs.  (Vetting Technicians, Microchip Supervisor, S/N Supervisor)

• Making sure any vet appointment records get uploaded in Pawlytics.

• Send any receipts or paperwork to Cori for record keeping.


  • Vetting Technicians, Microchip Supervisor, S/N Supervisors

Organizing the timing and layout of events

Working with the Marketing Manager to ensure maximum community engagement and the consistency of Healing Paws Rescue message through event.
The Dogs

The Joy of Dog Fostering

Regions have overflowing animal shelters filled with dogs in need of homes. Many are euthanized because there is simply no place for them to go. For rescue organizations, foster owners are one of their most valuable resources.